General questions

You can, of course, rely on our service we have been living on it since 1980.

Nothing. The finding is free for the customer or respectively end consumer.

All our drivers are inhabitants of Bonn and have mostly been doing this job for a long time now, so they know their way around.

Depending on number of people and luggage you will be transported by a Mercedes Benz e-class, T- model (estate car) or in a bus up to 8 passengers (VW-bus or Ford Transit).

Yes, of course! Should it happen that the driver has not rung 5 minutes after the agreed time, please contact our agency immediately +49 228 625055. You will definitely catch your flight if you consider the recommended check in time of the airlines.

Should there be any changes (extension of holidays, strike, accident, disease, altered booking) during in the course of your journey, which have influences on your booked transfer for coming home, please inform us immediately to avoid any additional costs. Exceptional situations such as strikes of air traffic controllers etc. can only be balanced but in a limited way so that longer waiting times are to be accepted by the customer.

Booking at an online price has to be made at least 48 hours before starting your journey. We guarantee that the bookings made within this period of time will be carried out. After sending us the booking you will receive an automatic email confirming the receipt of your booking. Within 36 hours we will send you an email with the confirmation of the fare and a summary of our terms of payment including account number, bank code (IBAN- and BIC- number). as well as some rules for the collection.

Each vehicle is equipped with at least one seat-cushion for children from 15 kg of weight. Our vans have an additional children´s seat for children from 9 kg up to 18 kg of weight. We are pleased to make these available for your transfer. For the age-group from birth up to 13 – 15 months old children we can offer you a baby bucket seat. This bucket seat is suitable for a weght of 0 kg up to 13 kg. For the provision of it we charge € 5. Children´s seat Price cushion from 15 kg free of charge children´s seat 9 kg – 18 kg free of charge baby´s bucket seat 0 kg – 13 kg € 5 Please tell us when you are booking into the remark-field , which and how many children´s seats and/or baby bucket seats, you will be requiring for your transfer. If you would like to use your personal children´s seat, we can store it cost free during your holiday. When we pick you up at the airport we will be bringing your personal children´s seat with us.


Maximale Paketmaße pro Lieferung und Kunden (B/H/T): 100 cm/100 cm/100 cm, maximales Gewicht: 10 kg.

Prices and tariffs

This rate is addressed to our business customers with a little amount of (hand luggage) or no luggage since it enables a fast check-out at the airport and causes no or only a little of waiting time. When it comes to payment in cash, the quoted business prices include 19 % VAT, in case of an invoice we charge additional 19 % VAT. Special prices for companies can be made on request.

We accept Visa and MasterCard. Please note a surcharge of 5 % when paying by credit card.

You will only be charged for cancellations of transfers which were ordered by our website and are subject to our online price list.
If you would like to cancel your transfer this is only possible via email:

Up to 48 hours before starting the journey – free of charges
Up to 24 hours before starting the journey ­– 50% of the transfer price
Under 24 hours before starting the journey – 100% of the transfer price


In general return journeys are only possible on advance payment.
Only for the airport Cologne/Bonn a so called wait – return service is possible. If you book a return journey you can pay the price during the trip to the airport. Therefore, please note our information on this topic which can be found in “collection at the airport”. This information can also be obtained from the driver in writing along with your booking confirmation for the return.

Questions regarding luggage

Your luggage will be collected from your front door as well as it will be brought there right back, for us luggage service is a natural course of action

Please take care that every single piece of luggage does not exceed 22 kg. Besides, pay attention to the terms of transport given by your airline.

Bulky goods such as bicycles, surfboards, diving equipment as well as animals can be transported at extra charge. In case of a lot of luggage it is possible to carry a trailer along a VW-bus. Please ask and we will find a solution together.

Collections from airport

In general, the meeting point we have at each terminal for every collection is called “meeting point”. At this point, your driver will be waiting for you holding a yellow umbrella in his hand. In the following, we list some web links showing you where you can find the meeting points at each airport.


The meeting point is located in Terminal 1 Input/Output C Check In. Please take your luggage up the escalator to the departures level. After leaving the escalator, turn left towards Exit C Check In until you reach the end of the building. Leave the building through this sliding door! There your pick-up person waits with a yellow umbrella or pay attention to a vehicle with the inscription: VMZ Theisen
The meeting point is located in Terminal 2 the "Blue Bar" in the arrivals hall at D-West. Turn right at the end of the building to the Blue Bar.

You can also download the "terminal signpost" (1.6 mb) of the website of the airport of Cologne Bonn as a PDF and print out. You find the meeting Point there on page 4 of the pamphlet.


-You find the Meeting Point in terminal 1 here, near the Asian Street Cooking.
-You find the Meeting Point in terminal 2 here, next to the Deutsche Bank.


-You find the "Meeting Point" in Level 0 in the middle of the hall, beside the infopoint.

Please do not leave the building, you will not find the car in front of the terminal! If you cannot see the collector, please phone us immediatly under 0228 62 50 55.

Yes, our agency will be informed approximately one hour before the planned landing if your flight is punctual or not and will send the driver at the right time. Since the information from the airlines is not always correct it can be possible that we learn about your punctual landing too late when a delay was reported. So please inform us immediately if there are any changes concerning your flight time. The same applies for altered bookings, cancellations etc. For this, use our service number +49 228 625055. One hour after your landing, we will have to charge you the costs incurred for parking and waiting time additionally. In the case of delays, such as baggage claim, customs clearance or loss of baggage, you must contact us within one hour of landing, otherwise we will consider the order to have been completed.

In principle, the same applies as for delays. Normally, we can balance out a flight which lands earlier than planned if we learned about it in good time. So it will not cause longer waiting times.
Please look at Does the driver wait in case of a delay? as well.

Please stay in the building at the meeting point and call our service number +49 228 625055 immediately. We will guide the driver directly to you by mobile phone. Please note that collection without payment in advance will be carried out only in exceptional situations and against a surcharge.

Collections from ICE Station Siegburg

The meeting point is located at the stairs on the gravel parking lot just before the Aral gas station. When you arrive on track 3, use the underpass to track 6. At the glass elevator on track 6, turn left in the direction of the Aral gas station and cross Konrad-Adenauer-Allee at the end of the taxi rank. 50 meters further on, the stairway to the parking lot. Your collector is waiting there with a yellow umbrella in his hand. If you do not see anyone, please call us directly at +49 228 62 50 55. Please inform us also in case of train delay!

Please make sure that you inform us +49 228 625055 if your train is on delay, if you took the right train. We respond on your reconfirmation otherwiese we don´t send a collector.